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ENCJ adopts Lisbon Declaration on Positive Change

The General Assembly of the ENCJ adopted the Lisbon Declaration on Leading Positive Change. The declaration states that Councils for the Judiciary should initiate and lead a process of positive change and focuses on two aspects: the internal aspect in the sense of the engagement of stakeholders and in t he external sense of the judiciary's relationship with other state posers and strengtening the role of the judiciary within the State. 

The Declaration also contains paragraphs that deal with the situation in Poland and Turkey.

External validation conference Utrecht 12-13 April 2018

On 12 and 13 April the ENCJ organised a scientific conference within the framework of the ENCJ project on Independence and Accountability. The aim of the seminar was firstly to discuss the methodology used to measure the independence and accountability of justice systems, to suggest possible improvements or alternatives, and to discuss the best way to validate the outcomes of this study.

Workshop with ENCJ partners on Independence and Accountability

On 14 March the ENCJ organised a worshop with representatives of the European Commission, Council of Europe, CCJE, Worldbank, CCBE and the network of Supreme Court Presidents of the EU.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the ENCJ Independence and Accountability project, the methododology developed and the outcomes in general. Each of the organsiations that attended brought their own expertise to the table.