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ENCJ Executive Board and EAJ statement on the renewal of CGPJ Spain

The Executive Board of the ENCJ has been closely following the situation, concerning the renewal of the Council for the Judiciary of Spain (CGPJ Spain) and the implications this failure to renew has on the judiciary. 

Taking into consideration of the ongoing efforts to resolve this situation, especially the structural dialogue on the matter initiated by the European Commission on 26 January 2024, the ENCJ Executive Board and the European Association of Judges have adopted a joint statement. 

President of Sodni svet informs of the situation of judicial salaries in Slovenia

On 28 December 2023 President of Sodni svet (Council for the Judiciary of Slovenia) has informed the ENCJ that despite the issue being raised in the Rule of Law report of 2023 and the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia of 30 June 2023, which, on request from the Judicial Council, declared the judges’ salaries as unconstitutional and contrary to the principle of judicial independence due to the disrespect of the constitutional requirement of their stability, the situation remains unchanged. 

Plenary session of the CGPJ Spain adopts a resolution on creation of Commissions of Inquiry in the Congress of Deputies

On the 21st December, 2023 Council for the Judiciary of Spain (hereinafter - CGPJ Spain) in its plenary session adopted a resolution on the creation of the Commissions of Inquiry in the Congress of Deputies and the implications this may have on judicial independence.

Statement and resolution adopted by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) of Spain on the evolving situation regarding the rule of law

Recent developments in Spain have raised concerns of the General Council of the Judiciary of Spain with regard to fundamental principles of the rule of law, separation of powers, and judicial independence. 

The issue lies with the proposed amnesty legislation. For more information please see the statement and the resolution adopted by the Council, which provide insights into the proposed legislation and its potential implications. 


The European Commission published its fourth annual Rule of Law report (2023). The Report sets out key elements of the rule of law developments in the European Union and presents Member State-specific assessments in 27 country chapters. The report covers four pillars: national justice systems, anti-corruption frameworks, media pluralism and other institutional checks-and balances. There is a general report, country chapters with a more detailed analysis for each Member State and as of this year the report also includes specific recommendations to all Member States.