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The ENCJ unites the national institutions in the Member States of the European Union which are independent of the executive and legislature, and which are responsible for the support of the Judiciaries in the independent delivery of justice.

Securing access to Justice for all

Developments across Europe show that these are challenging times for the Justice Systems and the Judiciaries.

The Rule of Law is at the core of the European Union. It is one of the fundamental values upon which the EU is founded, together with democracy and fundamental rights.

More than ever the Judiciaries need to stand together to command respect for the role and position of the Judiciary. Councils for the Judiciary have a pivotal role in this regard.

The ENCJ unites the Councils and is of vital importance to the further development of judiciaries in Europe.


Recognising that all legal systems are different and are vested in their own legal tradition, the ENCJ respects the diversity of the judicial systems of its members subject to the Rule of Law.

Equality and mutual respect

Recognising that mutual respect and equality are fundamental to full cooperation within the ENCJ.


Recognising that effective and responsive involvement requires the input of all members, the ENCJ is committed to inspiring dialogue, promoting consultation, building consensus and engaging diverse stakeholders in a participatory way.

ENCJ strategic objectives 2018-2021 & Workplan

Rule of Law

Within the framework of protecting the Rule of Law, to provide support for the independance, accountability and quality of judiciairies in Europe and to promote understanding of and respect for judicial independance.

Justice in the digital age

To promote access to justice in a digital age (measure in terms of efficiency, cost and timeliness) for the benefit of all citizens in the EU.

Mutual trust

To strengthen mutual trust among the judiciaries of Europe.



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