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The ENCJ established a Project Team on the “Development of Minimum Judicial Standards V”  as a result of the ENJC work plan 2014-2015 approved by the General Assembly held in Rome on 11-13 June 2014. The Project Team was established as a continuation of the work carried out by four former ENCJ Working Groups/Project Teams on “Development of Minimum Judicial Standards” and “Mutual Confidence”. The success of these projects has confirmed that the adoption of minimum standards improves the understanding among judicial authorities and different legal systems. 


The project aimed to:cover_standards_v

1. Develop a set of minimum standards and relevant indicators in the field of disciplinary liability of judges and disciplinary procedures against members of the Judiciary, in order to assure the efficiency and accountability of courts and judges, as well as public confidence in the judiciary and the judicial system as a whole.

  2. Provide a tool which can be used by national judicial authorities, Councils for the Judiciary and other State powers when assessing their existing system of disciplinary liability or planning any reforms in relation thereto.

The report contains: