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On 3 January 2024 the President of the OBT (Council for the Judiciary of Hungary) has informed the President of the ENCJ of the current situation of judicial salaries in Hungary.

The issue of judicial salaries has been pointed out in the Rule of Law Report 2023. It stated that earlier salary increases of judges and prosecutors has been adversely affected by high inflation, therefore the financial situation of judges and court staff has deteriorated. The letter notes that this is especially true compared to significant salary increases in other segments of public service, including the legislative and executive branches of government.

The OBT considers current salaries inadequate with the responsibilities judicial office entails. The situation also raises difficulties in recruiting and retaining non-judicial staff, the high turn-over of which negatively affects the functioning of the courts. 

In June 2023 the OBT has proposed a draft legislation, aimed at keeping salaries of judges and judicial staff in line with inflation. At the time of writing this letter, no official written response from the Ministry of Justice was received.

Please find the letter attached.