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The European Commission published the 2021 EU Justice Scoreboard on Thursday 08th July. 

This year's Scoreboard focuses on the digitalisation of justice, which kept courts functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic and more generally made justice systems more accessible and efficient. According to the 2021’s EU Justice Scoreboard, challenges as regards perception of judicial independence persist. In a majority of the Members States the public perception of judicial independence has improved over the last few years. However compared to last year, the public’s perception of independence has decreased in about two-fifths of all Member States. Interference or pressure from government and politicians was the most widely stated reason for the perceived lack of independence of courts and judges.

As with previous editions, the ENCJ and its Members collaborated with the European Commission on the Scoreboard specifically in the chapter dealing with Judicial Independence.

For a full overview of all documents and data go to the European Commission website.